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Epic Bill - Feature documentary - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.


 Anti-Social Social Club  - Brand Promos

 Converse x thisneverthat  - Brand Promo (KB Lee Interview)

 "See With Love" D L Eyewear - Brand Promo

 HPSI Convention - Corporate Promo

The Lifers Network - Independent Short Documentary - Michael Steves dir.

Gamology - Youtube Show (3 episodes)


Fathom Interview - Corporate Promo - Jon Mancinetti dir.

The C-word: A Brief Study of Caucasians in 4 Acts - Documentary - Sacha

Jenkins dir. (Margaret Cho Interview)

 Untitled South Gate Doc - Short documentary - Andrea Fiorentini dir. 


Dermont Kennedy in LA - Social Media and Radio Promos

Hero Rosa: Animal Superhero - Nonprofit promo - Humane Education Resources Organization

Perfume Lecture @ Institute of Art and Olfaction


Insomniac 10 year anniversary documentary (Pasquale Rotella interview) - short doc - Steve, dir

From Scratch (A$AP Rocky Interview) - documentary - Omar Acosta, dir.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance W. Bradley Electric - corporate promo

W. Bradley Electric AV Project Update - corporate promo

Magic Trick How-To w/ Anna DeGuzman - web video, Bright Lite Magazine - Ami Komai, dir.

Take a Tour of the Magic Castle with Magician and Cardist Anna Deguzman - web video, Birght Lite magazine, Ami Komai, dir.


W. Bradley Electric Traffic Project Update - Corporate promo 


W. Bradley Electric Security Project Update - Corporate promo

"Black Cat Bone" music duo - promo

Biopharma Complex - W. Bradley Electric Project Update - corporate promo

Eid Al-Adha in America - short documentary - Adullah Al-alwani, dir.

Russian River Brewery: WBE Project Update - Corporate promo

Safety at W. Bradley Electric - Corporate Promo

NALIP Media Summit 2018 - 4 day event (Interview team)

Ryan Roche Spring/Summer campaign 2018 - fashion promo - Courtney Lloyd, dir.


Adventures and Outings - short documentary - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.


Finding the Funk - Short documentary - Chris Jenkins, dir.

Scripted Narrative


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The Head of John the Baptist - UCLA MA Thesis feature - Katherine Lombardi dir. 

Flesh - Independent feature - Chris McGowan dir. (pickups) 

To Live In A Body - UCLA MA Thesis - Greg Armstrong dir.

Mr. Rogers' Site of Horrors - Independent feature - Robyn August dir.

Alaska - Independent Feature - Racheal Cain Stephens dir. (pickups)

Anti-Climactic - Teaser - Jacques Thelemaque dir.

PIG! - Independent short - Stephen Giordano dir.

The Brink Of - Independent feature - Patrick Meaney dir.

Lady - Independent feature - Marianna Palka dir.

Don't Worry, I'll Be Fine - Independent short - Chiahao Chou dir.

Erratic Conduct - Independent feature - Kyle Schadt dir.

Last Trip Home - Independent short - Korey McIsaac dir.

H4 Brides - UCLA MA Thesis- Yugandhara Muthukrishnan dir.

The Devil Comes to Kansas City - Independent feature - Michael P. Blevins dir. (pickups)

 Life's Work - Independent short - Jon Mancinetti dir.


 Space Dust - Independent short - Jon Mancinetti dir. 

 Dash - Independent feature - Sean Perry dir. 

Afternooner - Independent feature - Rob and Bryce Harrow dir. (pickups)

Burb Patrol - Web Series - Schoolyard TV (2nd Unit Sound)

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Deep Fake - AFI short C1G2B - Imogen McCluskey dir. 


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Story of Women - Independent feature - Jacquelyn Frohlich dir.

Luke - Independent short - Dominic Soo dir.

God Is An Astronaut - Independent feature - Bailey Kobe dir. (pickups)

Earth Over Earth - UCLA thesis feature - Owen Campbell dir.

Druid - Independent short - Zachary Kingham-Sleagle dir.

Isaac - Independent short - Josh Webber dir. 

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Self Portrait - AFI short C1G1D - Gus Reed dir. 

Morsels - AFI short C2G2A - Daniel Carsenty dir.

Connection - AFI short C2G3D - Daniel Orantes, dir.

Burying Kevin - AFI short C2G7C - Paul Cadenhead, dir.

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Welcome to Lifeco - AFI short C1G2B - Josh Webber dir. 


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Prayer - independent short - Jill Von D, dir.


Dual Identity - independent short - Haoxian Zhu, dir


Silicon Caesar - independent short - Chuck Griffith, dir

     -WINNER: Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, Best LGBT Short Film, Best Short Screenplay semi-finalist

     -WINNER: Hollywood Just4Shorts, Best Short Film Screenplay (May Award)

     -NOMINEE: Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Sci-fi Screenplay nominee

     -RUNNER-UP: Indie Shorts Los Angeles, Best Short screenplay runner-up

     -SELECTION: Las Vegas Global Film fest

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Super Bois - independent short - Jon Mancinetti, dir.

   -WINNER: Jury Choice Best Short Film (Comic Book Adaptation), Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Costume - FFTG Awards 2020

   -WINNER: Creativity Award -  A Show for Change Film Festival

   -WINNER: Award of Merit -  Accolade Global Film Competition

   -NOMINEE: Best Director, Best Short Film BIMIFF 11/2020

   -SELECTION: Hollywood Venus Awards 2020

   -SELECTION: SHORT to the Point 2020

   -SELECTION: Festival Angaelica 2020

   -SELECTION: Toronto Film Magazine Fest 2020

   -SELECTION: Studio City International Film & TV Festival 2020

   -SELECTION: Los Angeles International Film Festival 2020

   -SELECTION: Los Angeles Rocks Film Festival 2020

   -SELECTION: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2020

   -SELECTION: London Rocks Film Festival 2020


Devotee - independent short - Sharmila Ray, dir.

   -SELECTION: The Jaipur International Film Festival

   -SELECTION: Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


Woman With the Pearl Earring - short film - Robin Conly, dir.


Dying to Live - independent short - Zhaoju Zhou, dir.


Miranda of Mind - independent short - Bianca Ahonor, dir.


Beth - independent short - Courtney Lloyd, dir


A Love Story - independent short - Kristin Batko, dir.


Flower Lost Petals - independent short - Ace Yue, dir.


Faro -  independent short - Matthew Johnson, dir.


All About Robert -  independent short - Haohao Yan, dir

Life of Bern - independent short - Moe, dir.

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I’m On Fire - independent short - Michael Spiccia, dir.


The Last Step - AFI short C1G7C - Paul Cadenhead, dir.


A Man in Blue - AFI short C1G6B - Daniel Carsenty, dir. 


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Tyger Tyger - independent feature - Kerry Mondragon, dir.


Reunion of Champions - independent feature - Damion Damaske, dir.


Citric Acid - UCLA Thesis - Elenie Chung, dir.


Ming - independent short - Lori, dir.


War At Home - 35mm short AFI - Jojo Erholtz, dir


A Deal With the Devil in the City of Los Angeles - independent short - Timothy Burnham, dir.


Ready, Set, Aunt! - 48hr film competition - Josh Bevan. Dir. 


The Crash - independent short - Lea Volke, dir.


Lost to Be Found - independent short - Jingyi Yuan, dir.


Snapshot - independent short - Derek Isa, dir.


Small Town - trailer - Debra De Liso, dir.


Watermark - AFI thesis - Rebecca Maddalo, dir.


Emily - AFI short C3G6C - Gabriele De Sazio, Dir.


Aftershock - AFI short C3G5C - Jojo Erholtz, dir


Mr. Darkness - AFI short C3G4A - Dimitrios Tsilifonis, dir.


Benji - independent short - Brandon Coen, dir.


Sunny - AFi short C2G1C - João Dall’Stella, dir.


Stones - AFI short C2G3D - Nicole Vanden Broeck, dir


Backpage - AFI short C2G1C - R.J. Glass, dir.


Vaseline - independent short - Courtney Lloyd, dir.

     -SELECTION: California Women’s Film Festival

     -SELECTION: The Women’s Film Festival


Laurie’s Day - independent short - Josh Bevan, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara international film festival 10-10-10 competition, Best Director and Writer

     -SELECTION: Los Angeles Lift Off Film Festival


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Signal - AFI short C1G3C - Mikhail Saburov, dir.


Mountain - AFI short C1G2A - Yingqi Ren, dir.


AFI First-year bootcamp - 3 days, 6 crews, 1 scene


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Virgin Love Diaries - 3 episodes, web series - Sade Sellers, dir.


Prisoner -  AFI short C1G6C - Haohao Yan, Dir.


The Good Book - Trailer - Bruce Locklear. dir.  


Their First Time - independent short - Erin Offenhauser, dir.


The Lemon Tree - independent short - Courtney Lloyd, dir.


The Otherling - short 48hr film - Leah Victoria, dir. 

     -WINNER: Audience Award, Pajama Party

     -NOMINEE: Best of Los Angeles

Sonia - independent short - Santiago Ceron, dir.


Lame Office People - independent short - Iqbal Ahmed, dir.


Miss Rivers - independent short - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara international film festival 10-10-10 competition, Best Director and Writer

     -WINNER: Best Shorts Competition, Merit Award

     -WINNER: Berkeley Video Film Festival, Grand Festival Short Feature Award

     -SELECTION: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival



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I Hate Everything - independent short - Jesus Garcia, dir. 


Soul’d -  independent short - Johnny Rafter, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara international film festival 10-10-10 competition, Best Director and Writer


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Stuck - independent short - Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, dir.

     -SELECTION: Oceanside International Film Festival



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White Elephants - independent short - Haskell Wexler, dir. 


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Why We Fight - independent short - Keenan Mcguckin, dir.

     -WINNER: Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival, Best Director

     -SELECTION: Oceanside International Film Festival

     -SELECTION: Santa Barbara International Film Festival

     -NOMINEE: SoCal Creative and Innovative Film Festival, Best Soundtrack